RavitBenZion | PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS / First UI Design Project
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PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS / First UI Design Project


A few years before moving to the U.S. I came across this one book that has changed my life forever. Every doubt or insecurity I had in mind, were gone forever. Ever since, I have been trying to live my life in a very positive, optimistic way and do so by writing every morning what my goals are, and every evening what were my achievements. I find it to give a purpose for the day, I work harder to make my days count and simply be a better person.


I wanted to create this app for quite some time and only after photographing San Francisco fog on a summer afternoon, the muse just came to me and this app came to life. You can write your goals for the day, your achievements at the end of the day, and the app will calculate your progress and show you how you can improve your life.

Design, Layout, Photography, Typography, UI/UX Design